On-going Development

In Protool, we tailor our design to fit.
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DR. FLOW, System with Swiss Technology

Protool is currently working on its new R&D system to improve plastic flow during the injection stage. DR. FLOW has been invented for a few purposes, such as

  • To allow stress free filling of the cavity
  • Eliminating weld lines and flow marks on the plastic part
  • To achieve cosmetically perfect parts

Customised Hot-runner System

Taking advantage of our knowledge in Hot-runner system, Protool has not stop developing its systems to provide better solution for hard processing material such as PC, PVC and etc… Our system can be used to cope under harsh situations such as high temperature and pressure to sustain its performance…

The system itself has been calibrated in-house with precision equipment to maintain its performance. Needless to say, this extra step taken has brought extra confidence to the end user. Countless systems had been built over the past 30 years, with our solid track record in the Hot-runner solution, we will not fear to offer the best solution in Hot-runner to suit your requirement.