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Prototyping service has been offered before moving forward to any production phase. This is to reduce tooling failure and cost effective. Prototyping could also offer better insight to the end-user.

We offer prototyping mould with short lead time which is compatible for production mould. All components will be interchangeable with production tooling.

Product Design Review

Product Design can be crucial when it comes to manufacture highly precision tooling. In order to sustain the precision level, Protool has also cooperated different elements while taking into consideration of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) or Assembly (DFA) to increase the life cycle of the tool.

We provide consultation from tooling’s point of view to ensure all tools could last as long as they need as we believe good tool should built to last.

Tooling Design

By taking in the element of Value Engineering, Protool always design in the way by considering the total cost of the tooling. This primary objective is adopted in the design to optimize the tool performance without compromise in quality.

We design our tooling in the way to extend the tool life cycle without affecting the overall performance. During the design stage, cost of tooling will be taken into consideration and quality will be view as priority.

Tooling Manufacturing

All tooling specification and design will be built accordingly to serve its purpose. Integrated machining processes are implemented to achieve tooling accuracy. In order to achieve highly precision parts, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) is adopted by in-house manufacturing division to eliminate assembly errors.

Protool has also offered tool manufacturing services for different industry. Our capabilities allow us to manufacture parts up to micron speaking of accuracy. When the parts are completed, they will need to go through different inspection level to ensure its consistency and accuracy which is our utmost concern.

Customised Hot-runner Systems

Protool offers solution in Hot-runner Systems since ‘70s from end users’ expectations and visions. We provide customised Hot-runner design specifically fitting into existing or new mould. Even though our design has been proven, this doesn’t stop us from improving our design to keep our system stands out from the market. Our design could benefit the users in such way,

  • Compact and multi-exit Hot-runner System for multi cavity
  • Cost effective and interchangeable components
  • Customize design with multipurpose
  • Easy access by end users for part replacement
  • Short lead time for colour change and easy access by end users
  • Fast colour change design

Protool has also offered its in-house Hot-runner design which is capable to service 8 cavities to 128 cavities of precision plastic mould. The design can be tailored in such way to satisfy end users’ objectives and goals.